When tonight comes

When tonight comes, and the candlelight begins to cast shadows on the freshly painted walls, Let’s be quiet for a while. In this silence, Only the burning wood has a story to tell. Cold feet are searching for warmth on … Read More

To not-know

I know the camphor and the cape chestnut. I know the fruiting outeniqua and the thirsty cape beech. I know the milkwood and the forest grape, the spooning alder and the knobbly assegaai. I know the frog and the earthworm … Read More

There Is No Perfect Path and other poems

There is no perfect path At the end of the Reverent path, I bowed to the mountain And kissed the Damp earth with my feet. The bliss of bird song And warmed skin Soaking in. What has changed? Asked the Sage … Read More

The Mist and other poems

Beyond the Mist… Beyond the mist, laid forgotten secrets Beyond the mist my demons hid and waited Beyond the mist, I sense a deep truth approach Beyond the Mist I believe my true self awaits anxiously to be freed Towards … Read More


How does one begin to describe a morning in the Ixopo hills? The screeching of the cicadas starts with the sunrise Followed by the incessant calling of the piet-my-vrous… bulilding themselves up into crescendoes of beckoning … come lady come… … Read More

Untold and all-told | Lotus & Mud

  Untold and all-told Before I was bereft, I was a winged girl on a horse. Before I was brokenhearted, I was an adventurer who needed no path. For a while, I was a trapped bird, A dog afraid of … Read More


The legacy of a leaf lies deep in the roots of the tree it calls home.

A love letter to my inner child

Tell her you love her. Who you may ask? The little child you have abandoned in your internal home.   Tell her you forgive her. For what you may ask? For words and actions that have cost her more than … Read More


You are the plane of stillness between my in-breath and out-breath The interface between Light and Dark The turning point of the unfurling seasons The thread that weaves disconnect to awareness   Transition   You are the discord between Silence … Read More

Stolen Lines

While I was sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring came and the grass grew by itself. Now I am walking in silent meditation at Somerset Gift Oak tree shades me Call of the bulbul my mantra Tortoise is my guide Breathe … Read More

An Unfurling

Like depleted moths drawn to a flickering flame – a flame so faint it is barely visible – we follow our inner wisdom and find ourselves in the noisy stillness of nature, the silent support of the sangha, the nurturing … Read More


May I be at peace, peace, perfect peace May I find clarity in my confusion softness in my strife the wisdom to heal my contusions   May I find acceptance in certain truths that water is fluid, rock is solid … Read More


is this enlightenment?   to discover the urgency of self-love to negate self-abandon? to know the pain of too much love? bound-less love (I thought) boundary-less (you say)   to feel the waves of anxiety, nausea rise rise rise knowing … Read More

The first arrow…

Nothing speaks like the innocence, as the actions of a child. Long before disobedience was a cry for help, long before acting out was a cry for love and affection. Do you remember? Do you remember when your actions were … Read More

The Sole Of My Foot

The soul of my foot sees the light and dark. As one foot moves closer to life, the other moves closer to death. “Don’t get stuck in the mud”, they say – it can be stagnant, smelly, squishy and too … Read More

Dear Tree of Blossom & Life

Just yesterday, I could see right through you. Just yesterday, between your twisting and stretching, the path below was clear. Yet today, your tiny buds have sprouted and your flowers bloomed, covering the spaces between with new life and the … Read More

Listen and other poems

Listen The furled fern Nascent potentiality Listens to the orchestral hum The incessant life force. My heart beats A sine curve around the Zing of my neural moments. I breathe the peaks higher And the troughs lower, Creating space For … Read More

Entering into Silence and other poems

Entering into silence We enter into silence: reverently pass through the portal into her gentle embrace as the winter breeze pushes across the emerald land. So begins the journey without Beginning. Morning meditation Eyes close in the dark. Breathe in, … Read More

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