I sit here on this beautiful day

I sit here on this beautiful day
Surrounded by the magnificence of your mountains
You have absorbed my howling from the very first time I came here
Your winds have dried up my tears
Your warmth has healed so many of my wounds
Your energy and love has given me life, strength and courage to continue.
This is where it all started!
And this is where feels like home for my soul.
I come here again and again, not always in pain,
But to be reminded of my journey that started right here, in the comfort and safety of your mountains,
In the motherly touch and nurturing thats felt in the blossoming flowers as the warm winds whisper through the trees.
I am reminded that I survived,
and I can continue, with Courage, Strength and HOPE!

Kumesha Naidoo
Buddhist Retreat Centre, Sept 2017


My testimony:

The above is a poem which summarizes my journey beginning at the BRC in 2014, when I sought answers during the most difficult time of my life. More than that it reflects my journey with Sue Cooper, my teacher, my role model, a woman whom I can best describe as one who represents the nuturing of Mother Earth to all the people whom she supports by her warm and humungous heart. Not only does she help you to listen to yourself, because the answers lie within you, but she teaches you the tools to approach this life. She embraces you with such immense kindness and warmth and then sends you off like a mother does her child to face the big bad world, with all this wisdom and guidance. I have so much to be thankful for. I have conquered so many challenges since embarking on this journey under Sue’s Guidance. I have managed to save myself from dangerous and toxic situations as well as to use the meditation techniques to conquer a major exam during this time. She has helped me to create a foundation on which to build my meditation practice. My optimism and faith gets stronger as I feel more grounded, every time I go home to Sue, wherever she is, but my favorite place being the BRC.

Thank you Sue! You are a unique and incredible soul who has touched so many lives in an incredible way, lives that touch many more as we disperse back into society, taking a piece of your love and magic with us. May you be blessed in abundance for all the good work you do.

Tons of love and deep gratitude,
Dr Kumesha Naidoo
Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist

© Kumesha Naidoo