10 Day Early Spring Recommitment: Deepening the Compassionate, Joyful Heart 

16 - 30 August 2023

“I am making a home inside myself
where grace blooms in grand and glorious
abundance, a shelter of kindness that grows
all the truest things…
Watch now as I burst into
From “The Most Important Thing” by Julia Fehrenbacher

Please join this donation-based online offering of meditations (live on Zoom and sent afterwards as audios), qigong & poetry, plus some retreat options to deepen the experience.

Daily times as per weekly schedule using recurring Zoom link, both to follow (or via email if requested).

Much appreciated Dana guideline for the 10 days: R200 - R1000 donation for those who are able to contribute or please know that your presence & participation is much appreciated dana too.

Bankings details for your dana (guideline R200-1000):
Stillmind Retreats
FNB Cheque Account 62506345637
Branch Code: 201509
Ref: Your name and dana

Feel free to forward this to anyone who might like to join us. They can WhatsApp their name and surname to Sue and save her name with her number: Sue  +27 83 456 2569. To receive the Zoom link via email please contact admin@stillmindretreats.com.