inner child

A love letter to my inner child

Tell her you love her.

Who you may ask?

The little child you have abandoned in your internal home.


Tell her you forgive her.

For what you may ask?

For words and actions that have cost her more than her youth.


There will be days when she forgets her strength – remind her how she dances like a butterfly and bee in love.

A love some would call tragic.

Yet with every sharp, loud sting that may be easier to show, she holds every moment with a flutter and softness as she lands.


Remind her that she is a gentle warrior. Change the metal shields with one of love and kindness. Come as you are and put your armor down.

The warrior filled with rage and sadness, but also filled with so much courage and heart.


So hold her close and remind her each night, as does the moon remind the earth, tell her that you too have left the light on.

For every beautiful curving crack on your fragile heart causes the light to shine a little more brightly.


And with one hand on my heart and the other on my belly – I tell her that I love her.


Anupa Gnawali
Blue Butterfly Retreat, April 2019

© Anupa Gnawali