The Mist and other poems

Beyond the Mist…

Beyond the mist, laid forgotten secrets

Beyond the mist my demons hid and waited

Beyond the mist, I sense a deep truth approach

Beyond the Mist I believe my true self awaits anxiously to be freed

Towards the Mist…

Towards the Mist, lays an excitement unknown

Towards the Mist, I see silhouettes of those familiar stranger demons

Towards the Mist, I feel an uneasy comfort lurking 

Within The Mist…

Within the Mist, I remember; Past pains & sorrows long hidden, yet they did not deserve my attention!

Within the Mist I encountered my demons, yet I did not scream nor shout – Vow of Silence, I let them speak

Within the mist my demons were me and I was them so I embraced them like long lost friends!

Within the Mist, in all its mystery; I found the greatest clarity in who I was and reflections of who I was to be.

Within the Mist let Truth be told… Silence, mist, darkness with open eyes scared me. It was in this moment within the mist surrounded by my biggest fears that I found my Truest Triumph, in it I found the “One Thing” I lost… In it I found and discovered ME in Loving Kindness!


It’s Metta!

It doesn’t Matter that my sister is a black woman with blonde hair…!

It’s METTA She brought me to this retreat.

It doesn’t Matter we realized our destinies in the unclear mist…!

It’s METTA we follow with pure and blind faith.

It doesn’t Matter that we travelled far and wide across many plains to find understanding…!

It’s METTA that we discover ourselves in plain sight of our unpleasant dwelling.

It doesn’t Matter that we were told that sitting in a silent-circle would help restore the mind…!

It’s METTA that we are finally sitting and listening to ourselves.

It doesn’t Matter that we meditation walked 15 paces aimlessly; searching for answers in the grass…!

It’s METTA that your inner heart in that moment skipped 15 beats faster; shut eyed and silenced – by self

It doesn’t matter that for 4 days we were turned into vegetarians…!

It’s with METTA we sow Loving kindness in our heart’s Garden to reap into 2020.

It doesn’t Matter that like animals into the ark we came in different!

It’s METTA that through our strangeness we shared and connected

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t all get the magical fantasy breakthrough that I’m sharing with through this piece…!

But METTA showed Lynda a Miracle in Cow DUNG.

It doesn’t Matter that it rained and drizzled all days…!

A few of those raindrops in a leaf revealed someone to themselves.

It didn’t Matter that Catarina Sounds so American…!

It’s METTA she must take home to her people and if possible something for “President” Trump.

It doesn’t Matter that our Lama Sue cannot see without her spectacles…!

With her METTA she came all this way to help us truly SEE ourselves.

It MIGHT not Matter that the BRC and staff do this out of METTA Purely and do it so well free willingly…!

It’s METTA that will guide you to show your appreciation of sacrifice through your DANA!

It doesn’t Matter WHAT and WHOSE boulders you came here carrying…!

It’s ONLY METTA that you should take away aiming towards a life filled with loving kindness to self, an open Heart to all and a still mind to… “THE ONE THING”


The Path of Self

I walk in the palm of my own hand,

I dwell in the thoughts of my own head,

I linger in the pure existence of me,

I believe in the oneness of one

I am Defined by Purpose driven by faults of yesterday through aimless ambitions engraved in books of a purposeless tomorrow

I suffer through the regret of nothing and mistakes being lessons and victories of planned futures.

I am…

Divine intervention, the great he is, son of NO Soil: an invention of rural and township expectations yet limited by no society expectations.

Through divine Metta… I believe in the science of self, God likeness yet mostly fearing the god in self, I believe in nothing and in the silence of nothingness I find my greatest clarity and peace. In the great silencing of it all I find my voice of reason and purpose. My greatest enemy loneliness is now my greatest companion… Enjoying myself is my new purpose!


An out of place Place!

We are wondering Souls, full of answers without proper questions.

We are conquering minds, full of aimless solutions without real problems

We are winning hearts full of victories without battles

We are priceless artifacts, full of detail without color

We are a synchronized symphony, a beautiful melody without sound

We are a crowd of people, fighting a struggle in solitude

We are voices of reason, filling ears with empty words of encouragement

We are the ignored voices of neglected mothers and abused children raised by fatherless fathers

We are the fuel to the oppressed, being oppressed ourselves

We are love we are hate. We are peace, war and laughter.

The unsolved x equation… we are what we are… The Answer!


Malesela Mahapa
Buddhist Retreat Centre, December 2019

© Malesela Mahapa