Dave Strugnell

Entering into Silence and other poems

Entering into silence
We enter into silence:
reverently pass through the
into her gentle embrace
as the winter breeze pushes across the
emerald land.

So begins the journey
without Beginning.

Morning meditation
Eyes close in the dark.
Breathe in, breathe out. Open eyes
to the waking sun.

The hundred paths
I walk a hundred paths
out of the moment
and a hundred times,
am invited back in.

Thoughts arise
Thoughts arise.
Do not chide them,
do not chase them.
Invite them to sit here in this vast chamber,
joined in noble silence with all the others.
For the only voice
this morning
is that of the breath,
and the breath tells no stories:
it simply allows its wind
to be carried
on the wind
of the

And now for something a little more flippant…
To lavish stories I’m inclined
while breath is left some miles behind;
I try to meditate, but find
I’m overcome by monkey mind.

Dave Strugnell
Mont Fleur, August 2018

Photo by Dave Strugnell

© Dave Strugnell