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The furled fern
Nascent potentiality
Listens to the orchestral hum
The incessant life force.
My heart beats
A sine curve around the
Zing of my neural moments.
I breathe the peaks higher
And the troughs lower,
Creating space
For the sound to dissipate.
The tail end of the gong
Imperceptibly reverberates
And I begin again.


Broken bird wing
Brings awareness
To the burdens shouldered.
The baby birds
And their greedy mouths
Kindness soothes.
A salve running through the
Cracks and breaks.
A hand rests on my lower back,
To breathe.
The wind turns.
Transformed unexpectedly
From that that is resisted
To ally.
Carrying me further,

Shivani Ranchod
Mont Fleur, September 2018

© Shivani Ranchod



My exhaustion leaks;
Sunshine blocks offer patches
Of invitation.

The Sublime calls out.
My reverent ear listens,
The green sound

Voluptuous drop
Glimmers. Light intensifies.
My self pulses back.

Shivani Ranchod and Dave Strugnell
Mont Fleur, September 2018

© Shivani Ranchod and Dave Strugnell