May I be at peace, peace, perfect peace

May I find clarity in my confusion

softness in my strife

the wisdom to heal my contusions


May I find acceptance in certain truths

that water is fluid, rock is solid and that everything keeps moving

their transience impalpable as is unfathomable

that I too, am fluid – ever-changing from one moment to the next

and that there-in lies my potential

to change, to renew, to re-constitute my wholeness


May I embrace the Ancient Wisdom that sings in soft tones

if I remain still enough, open enough to listen


May I find the courage to relinquish all that bears me down

their familiar weight unbearable yet strangely comforting


May I trust that all I need is right here within me

May I find love, within and without

May I enable my inner voice to articulate its truth eloquently, audibly


May I, like the sacred mountain that towers before me

find my grounding steadfast and sure

with her aspect ever-changing by passing clouds, descending mist, resplendent blue skies

her essence remains unchangeable


like an Ancient Mother cradling her children at her feet

“Paradise lies at the feet of thy mother” I was taught as a child

and so, as I anoint the feet of Earth Mother may I honour too

My Inner Mother – with, or without my almost-but-never-there symphony of genetic coding

I am Mother in all that I love and nurture


May I take comfort in the simmering disquiet of certain truths


that everything is still, yet still keeps moving

the mountain stands still

the tree sways gently in the breeze

the mountain may move

perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in a thousand years

for there is unrelenting movement beneath her grounded illusory stillness


May I live life fully, embracing its myriad visceral and cerebral textures

May I exercise discernment in the guests I consciously invite in

and with Grace, uninvite those no longer welcome


May I peacefully let go of those whom I’ve loved and lost

to gather my sorrows like children, lean in softly to them,

love them, grow from them and finally relinquish them


discovering the ultimate lightness of being . . .


May I find peace, peace, perfect peace


Ayesha Sabat
Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat, September 2018

© Ayesha Sabat