I have received so
little time and space
to be.
I have tucked myself
into the needs of others:
The family that needed me
to be all that my sister wasn’t.
The clients that needed me
to be available to all
they were not.
The child that needed me
to love him.
The husband that needed me
to love.
The life of slotting in:
to roles and times and out
of places and meetings and
learnings and growings and
always always bearing
what is required of me.

She needs nothing of me.
No thing.
At all.
Here amongst the mountains,
between the trees and
beneath the skies. Here
I am free to be.
It is delicious. And
I am savouring the silence.
I am digesting it in drops. Here
I am being savoured
without the need to:
Make It Better. Here
I am free
to glide with the breeze and
kiss the ground with my bare steps
in tearfulness, in prayer and in play. Now
is this what you had in mind?
Is this what you too knew
when you left me?
Is this your departing gift:
the presence
of me.


Lisa Michalson

Mont Fleur November 2017

© Lisa Michalson