Sweet Child

I can see where you are

and well you may ask.

Ask me anything, sweet child.


Yes, tides can change the course of things

when the moon pulls the ocean this way, that way.

The ocean is vast. Be vast.

The ocean surrenders. Surrender.

Sweet child, you are the ship.

Wait no longer, for you are the ship

coming in.


Ask me anything, sweet child.

Like how are mountains made?

They are made to hold history and action

and water cascading like dramas.

But the mountain too has pockets of dark

and places to get lost.

Let both be; the sturdy crop of granite

and the inner kink of space that is, and has been,

at times, a shelter.


You can ask me, sweet child

for I often see you sitting there;

a dreamy mix of longing and loss.

But that star was not meant to hold on to.

What you cling to can burn you, my darling.

I can see you’re turning from me

You are on your own path now, but know

that you are more

than fire and blood, milk and bone.


Shall I sing for you sweet child

My voice a hymn and a treasure.

Hold softly each note and give in to that sound

for the echo of my song is the beat

of my heart, and ours.

Open your self. Listen.

I am here. It is me.


Kathryn Nurse
Mont Fleur – August 2018

© Kathryn Nurse