That Mountain that is Life

I climb the mountain that towers above,
looking back to see below,
the breeze is blowing,
my mind is going,
but oh how stunning

As I walk on mother earth,
She invites me to sit and listen,
Without hesitation, I do just that,
As she plays her beautiful orchestra,
That comes together so peacefully.

Staring into the eyes of fire,
Watching him dance and prance.
So life like, so warm, so inviting.
He brings his arms around me to comfort,
Like a mother would a child

Realising I am not alone in this battle that is just being human,
Noticing those orphans of consciousness,
Buried for so many years,
Having the courage for them to emerge,
A sense of freedom comes to sight.

As I dare to access my forgotten past,
Finding the connection that has always been there,
That’s so hard to see,
I determine the balance between inner mother and child.

As the stars light up the sky,
This time looking up,
To see the mountain that towers above,
I can’t help but think of my very own mountain I’ve just climbed,
That seemed too high to reach.

Rebecca Bourhill
Mont Fleur, August 2018

Photo by Rebecca Bourhill

© Rebecca Bourhill